Arnolfini Things

Arnolfini Histories:
Jan van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait
and its Receptions

National Gallery, London,
in collaboration with
the University of York

Friday 12 – Saturday 13 January 2018

Following a Call for Papers, the following speakers will present papers in the post-graduate  student panel Arnolfini Things (Saturday 13 January, 10.15-11.15):

Robert Wilkes (Oxford Brookes University)
Joining Hands: The ‘Arnolfini Portrait’ and F.G. Stephens’s ‘The Proposal’

Debra Phillips (Australian Catholic University)
With this shoe, I thee wed: Interpreting the symbol of the shoe as a transaction confirmation  in Van Eyck’s ‘Arnolfini Portrait’

Georgios Miliaras (University of Edinburgh)
Out the Window: From the Apples of Paradise to Still Life; The American Pre-Raphaelites

Christin Neubauer and Charlotte Hone (University of York)
The Pre-Raphaelite Re-interpretation of Van Eyck’s Paternoster in the ‘Arnolfini Portrait’ as a Symbolisation of Victorian Gender Constructions



Image:  Portrait of Giovanni(?) Arnolfini and his Wife(1434) by Jan van Eyck,  National Gallery, London, NG 186, bought 1842; photo National Gallery London, reproduced under Creative Commons licence  BY-NC-ND 4.0